Budget Data

The University of California system has been publishing detailed income and budget records since at least 1911, when Berkeley’s archival Bancroft library began collecting them. The records from the early years were marked “Confidential” and included individual-level wage information for all university faculty and administrators. Starting in the early 1950s, records were aggregated up to the academic-department level for each campus, but still provided very detailed information about the universities expenditures. By 2012, the allocations volume exceeded 3,500 pages per year, and publication–which had switched to CD-ROM in 2003–ceased.

Thanks to generous support from Bancroft Library, UC-CHP has produced a near-complete set of scanned PDF images of UC Departmental Allocations — Budget for Current Operations for the first time. We are currently working on properly digitizing the records into a computer-readable database, but in the meantime, we invite people to download year-by-year records and take a look at the likely most-detailed and most-complete publicly-available university budgetary records of any global university system.

Click here to view a folder holding the PDF records, which can be downloaded one-by-one or as a complete set (about 50 GB of data).


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